Wednesday, July 11, 2012

phil heath Kai Greene Branch Warren after the 2009 Mr Olympia video phil heath met rx

phil heath


video of phil heath Kai Greene and Branch Warren after the 2009 Mr Olympia, phil heath was unlucky at the 2009 mr olympia due to some illness going into the mr olympia bodybuilding contest.

but aspect to see phil heath pushing for the 2010 mr olympia title and in much better condition then the 2009 mr olympia contest.

phil heath is wearing a met rx t-shirt in the video not sure if phil heath is still sponsored by met rx or not now.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phil heath youtube video - "Phil heath is my dad :D (joke)".

new Phil heath youtube video, well kind of, just found this video on youtube of a amateur odybuilder posing, video title says "Phil heath is my dad :D", i think the poser is meaning in relation to him having such good genetics, and muscle shape like phil heath.

though the guys shape also has a look of dexter jackson as well.

can the real phil heath stand up, phil heath arms, phil being known for some of the biggest arms in bodybuilding:


going to be looking at the phil heath diet and phil heath workout in some upcoming posts as well.