Thursday, February 23, 2012

phil heath picture real or enhanced picture phil the gift heath looking massive full muscle bellies

now is this picture of phil heath real really shows phil heathand why he is seen as a potential mr olympia the muscle bellies on phil heath are phill hehe as in full.

not sure with this picture if it has been slightly tweaked or not to make phil look bigger, or if it is the angle that it is phographed at that gives that effect, but phil heath looks one of his most massive in the picture.

biecps on phil and triceps is one of the things phil heath is known for his arms must be getting close to 24 inches at times they look unreal.

also to balance out those massive biceps and triceps phil heath also has massive forearms in proportion with the upper arm muscles.

actually i think phil heath has had to train to bring up other body parts to balance out his arm size, like phil heath had to do a lot of should training to make up the balance between his arms.

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